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A little bit of background on who we are and how we came to starting this venture.

Our Story

Little Ash

I’m Ben, I left my job in London as a Civil Engineer, having become disillusioned with office life. Despite enjoying my time in the city I felt it was the right time to return home to the countryside, to Devon, and try my hand at something completely different. 

At a similar time it just so happened that Helen & Tony, friends and neighbours in Trusham, who I’ve known since I was a child, were looking at ways to diversify their small farm. We felt like this could be a good opportunity for both parties, knowing that the farm would be a lovely place for couples, families and friends to spend time. So in 2018 I started designing and building the shepherd huts.

I think it’s fair to say that I underestimated the task at hand, I set myself many deadlines over the last two years, all of which were missed, the scale of the work and the financial burden of the investment becoming overwhelming at times. 

Throughout the builds I have tried to use reclaimed materials and objects where I could and almost everything in the huts is handmade, I believe that this gives the huts real character, but at the same time it meant everything took a long time, especially for a novice who was learning on the job!

Helen and Tony worked hard getting the infrastructure in place in the field, but bad weather often made it difficult and there were moments when we all thought this project might never be finished!

Despite the bumpy journey over the last 2 and a bit years, we finally have something that we are all really proud of and we hope it will be a place for people to enjoy for many years to come.

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our story

Martingrange Farm

Helen & Tony have lived in Devon their entire lives and have enjoyed bringing up their children in Trusham. They have been farming at Martingrange for over 20 years.

Martingrange Farm was once a dairy farm with a herd of Jersey cows producing their famously delicious milk. The farm is now home to South Devon cattle and pedigree Bluefaced Leicester sheep, as well as three pygmy goats and two rheas who are recent additions to their farming family.

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